About Us

Paycadence Application

Paycadence Payments is a web-based application made for simplifying the online payment process for businesses and non-profit organizations. Our entire application is built on top of Stripe Payments. As developers, we fell in love with Stripe's easy to use API and thorough documentation. We wanted to make it easy to use for non-developers, so that both small and large organizations could easily use it to accept online payments.

Our Team

We are a small, remote team of web developers primarily based out of Brooklyn, New York. We are a privately held company with a focus on product development and support, rather than growth and expansion.


Paycadence believes that a company's ability to accept online payments is an important part of their growth and success strategies. We provide our online payment services for businesses and non-profit organizations who need efficiency and dependability. Whether your business is a startup or an established corporation, Paycadence has a solution for you.


Our development focus is on establishing core essential components and building them correctly rather than trying to offer a long list of features. We want to bring together core payment methods such as invoicing, recurring payments, and customizable payment forms in one central place.

What questions do you have for us?

If you have any questions about how Paycadence can help your organization with online payments, please get in touch today!