Paycadence Updates – Monday, December 26 2016

The following adjustments have been made to the Paycadence Application. Most were bug fixes, but we also added a few small improvements.

Service Charge Related

Currently the service charge is available on forms set to custom amount. Learn more about the service charge at this link.

For situations where the service charge is active we are now displaying it in the following locations:

  • Customer Receipt
  • Payment Notification Email. (Learn More)
  • Transaction Details Page

Paycadence Application Fee

An error was found in the display of the Paycadence application fee in some situations in which the fee amount was less than 10 cents. We investigated the error and confirmed that this issue was only occurring in the display of the Paycadence application fee and did not affect the amount charged to our users on their transactions. We have fixed the display issue now.


  • Fixed an error affecting some users that prevented invoices from being emailed.
  • Corrected incorrect grammar in error message related to above.

Receipts & Payment Notification Emails

We have added additional information to the customer receipt and the payment notification sent to users. Receipts will now show their source type (Invoice, Form, Subscription) as well as the item’s name when available.

Refunds for small amounts

We fixed an error which was occurring in some situations while trying to refund small transactions (less than $1.00)