The Giraffe Steps Up

We have officially nominated the Giraffe as the Mascot/Logo of Paycadence. This has been an extremely important business decision and the choice of what image will represent the Paycadence brand in the years to come was not taken lightly.  We spent a solid 5 minutes not only brainstorming but also making this grand decision.

What animal is better suited than a giraffe to communicate to the human brain that it is in the business of accepting online payments?

Phrased another way, when you think of getting paid what is the very first visual that pops into your head?

Is it a Walrus?

Is it an Elephant?

Is it an Eagle?

Is it a credit card?

No! It is a Giraffe!

That is why we chose the spotted and noble giraffe to represent Paycadence going forward. Our twitter profile has already been updated to reflect this exciting bit of news. The remaining dull and lifeless text-only Paycadence logos on our website which do not currently depict our new long-necked friend will soon receive the Giraffe-Upgrade-Addition.

If you are reading this post and already see us flying the Giraffe logos on our website, then you are either living in the future or the past has passed on by.