Billing Software for Marketing Agencies

You manage a marketing agency. Your day is dynamic, fast paced, and full of unique challenges. Why not make it a little easier and stop spending time manually collecting payments?

As a Marketing Agency your work is complex and so are your payment needs. No matter what your agency's payment needs are, Paycadence has you covered.

  • Hourly
  • Fixed Price
  • Ongoing Monthly Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • Deposits
  • Client Management

Sample Use Case

Meet Amy.

Amy is the owner of a medium small marketing agency. Amy's team serves a large amount of clients, so she has a wide variety in the types of payments she needs to accept for her company's services.

Deposits & Invoicing

For each clients' project, Amy charges an initial deposit in order to start a new project. The deposit amount is unique to each client and project. Amy uses Paycadence to invoice her clients for their deposit. She, or one of her team members use Paycadence to create a new invoice, select the customer, enters the invoice items, and then Paycadence sends the invoice in the form of an email to her client.

Her client receives the email, and clicks the unique link to visit the invoice and make a secure payment on Amy's custom branded invoice payment form.

Recurring Payments

Not all of Amy's clients make 1 time payments. Amy's business provides ongoing work for many of her customers. She uses Paycadence's recurring payment system to setup the payment and then Paycadence takes over and automatically charges her client at the chosen frequency.

Due to the nature of Amy's business, different clients are charged at different frequencies. Some are charged on a weekly basis, while some are only charged every other month.

Additionally, Paycadence notifies Amy's team when recurring payments fail, so that they can take action right away.

Virtual Terminal

Besides online payments, Amy regularly serves customers on location in her business headquarters. She takes many payments right on the spot in her office. She uses Paycadence purchased a USB Card Swiper and uses it to charge customers right on the spot.

Custom Payment Forms

From time to time Amy's business offers unique promotions or products for sale online. In these cases she or a member of her team use Paycadence to create a custom online form in order to meet the unique requirements of the particular service or product she is selling.

She loves Paycadence for this, because she can easily set up a custom branded and secure form that offers her a variety of payment options.

Sometimes she is selling a product at a fixed price, other times she offers a variety of packages at different amounts, which the customer must choose from.

What questions do you have for us?

If you have any questions about how Paycadence can help your organization with online payments, please get in touch today!