Pass Stripe Fees to My Customer - Calculator

For some merchants it is important to pass on their transaction fees to their customers. Stripe charges both a fixed fee as well as a percentage on all transactions. If the merchant is also using a Stripe Connect service (such as Paycadence), calculating the gross charge amount can be a little tricky.

To help make life easier, Paycadence has developed a calculator based on Stripe's formula for calculating the total amount to charge a customer in order to recoup all transaction fees.

Calculations may not always be accurate.
By using this calculator you agree not to hold Paycadence responsible for any problems that should arise from provided results.
  • You may adjust any value in order to calculate Gross Amount
  • Enter Percentage Fees as decimals. 2.9% = 0.029
  • Enter Fixed Fees as decimal amounts. $0.30 = 0.30
  • Default fees are based on Stripe USD and Paycadence App Fee

Stripe US charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
Paycadence charges an additional 1% per transaction