Thank you for taking the time to consider Paycadence to handle your online payment needs. We know that accepting payments can be complicated. Through our partnership with Stripe Payments we have brought the essential components of online payments together in one application intended to be simple for you and your team to use. Keep on reading to learn how we can help you run your organization more efficiently, so you can focus on helping it grow.

Easily Charge Your Clients

Paycadence offers a variety of features even for basic charges

Auto Capture
All charges are captured right away, unless you need to wait.
Authorize Only
Ability to process charges as Authorize-Only. You can Capture transactions within 7 days
Customizable Statement Descriptors
Fully customizable statement descriptors, even down to individual transactions.
Recharge Existing Customers
Easily charge existing customers without having to re-enter their data every time. Customers data is stored securely on PCI compliant servers.
Virtual Terminal
Use an inexpensive USB card reader to swipe customer cards in your office or at an event.

We support all the major card types, to make payments easier

American Express
Diners Club

You can also accept gift and prepaid cards, as long as they belong to one of the payment methods listed above.


Paycadence makes online invoicing easy

Free Unlimited Invoicing
Send as many invoices as you want, as often as you would like. All you have to do is pay a minimal transaction fee when the invoice is paid by your customer.
Invoice Line Items
Enter multiple items per invoice and specify rates and quantities per item. Add item descriptions if needed.
Shipping Amount
Easily add shipping amount to total invoice. Totals are calculated automatically.


Simple Invoice Payments
When you click send, the invoice is e-mailed to the customer, and they’re provided a unique link that they can click to submit payments quickly and easily.
Capture Customer Information
As soon as someone has been a customer once, they’re in the system, and repeat business is seamless.
Manage Overdue Invoices
With Paycadence, you can easily keep track of paid and overdue invoices. Sending a quick reminder for late or pending payments is as simple as clicking a button. (Coming Soon!)

Recurring Payments / Subscriptions

Are you tired of chasing down late payments and expired credit cards?

Well, we’ve got your solution. Paycadence offers recurring payment software to automatically put money in your bank account each week (or everyday, if you prefer). Setup the payment once, and let our automated software take care of the work so you can focus on all the more important work you’ve got to do.

We’ll attempt the scheduled payment multiple times on the scheduled day. If the payment is unsuccessful, we’ll notify not just you, but the customer as well. If their card is expired or declined, we’ll e-mail them and give them an easy way to update their payment information.

After all, it is 2023, so you shouldn’t have to spend all your time calling customers and chasing down payments. Let our software do the dirty work for you.

Available Payment Schedules

Allow customers to test drive your plan for as long as you want before they are billed.

Free Trial Periods

For declined cards, Paycadence sends notices to the customer along with a secure and simple method for them to easily update their payment info.

Prorated Plan Changes

When your customer's subscription is upgrade or downgraded to another plan, Stripe automatically adjusts the charge ammount so you don't have to.

Multiple Subscriptions Per Customer

Add as many subscriptions as needed to the same customer. The more the merrier.

Metered Billing

This allows "per seat" billing. Does your membership model need to add multiple users to the same subscription? We've got it!

Card Change Detection

Stripe works directly with the card networks to automatically update your customers' payment methods if they are issued a new card. This helps prevent failed charges, and you don't even have to do anything!

Dunning (Coming Soon!)

For declined cards, Paycadence sends notices to the customer along with a secure and simple method for them to easily update their payment info.

Custom Payment Forms

We offer a wide variety of customizable payment forms. All forms are hosted on our secure website, so you don't have to worry about PCI Complaiance, SSL certificates, or hiring a developer. We've got it all covered for you.

Select from a variety of different form types:

Fixed Amount
Set a specific amount for the form
Custom Amount
Your customer decides the amount they want to pay
Options with Different Values
Enter different options each with a specific value.
Options + Custom
Customers can select from a variety of options or choose to enter their own amount (perfect for donation forms)
Plan Sign Up
Customers sign up for one of your subscription payment plans. This is great for membership sign ups or any other type of recurring payment you offer (you can also offer a trial period).

Your Forms, Your Brand:

Create as many custom forms as you need, each one is fully customizable.

Custom Form Description
Deliver your message on each form
Custom Thank You Message
Personalize your thank you message to your customers.
Have form redirected to your website (or wherever you want) after a successful completion
Custom Logo & Branding
Your logo and organization info appears on top of the form as well as in receipts sent to the customer

Mobile Payments

All of the forms and invoices that you create with Paycadence are designed to both look great and work great on any devices that your customers are using, including computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Make sure your payment forms are always consistent no matter what devices your customers are using with Paycadence’s software.

Team Access

Add as many users as you want with three different permission levels.

Admin Level
Admin users have full access to the account. They can do everything they need to including creating and managing other users. The only limitation they have is they can not manage the master admin account.
Create Level
Users at this level can do just about everything except change account configuration or create users. They can create charges, customers, plans, and subscriptions, as well as view and export transactions.
View Level
Users at this level can login to view and export transaction related data but can not make charges, are create customers. They also will not be able to see account configuration data.

Store Customer Information

More than just a payment company, Paycadence will help you store your customers’ information for future transactions. You can capture their information when they pay an invoice or make a purchase on one of your custom forms. Their payment information is stored securely using Stripe, our trusted payment services partner. At any time, you can export your data as you require for other uses.

We Take Security Seriously

Every payment that goes through our system is processed securely using Stripe. Thousands of small, medium and large-sized companies use Stripe to power commerce for their business, so you can trust your money with them.

Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification possible. Stripe actively works to monitor suspicious transactions, protecting your business from fraudulent charges.


Full Data Portability

Outgrow us? Good! Sick of us? Not so good, but either way-

Your data is Your data and we're not going hold it hostage if you need to leave us. Take your transactions, customers, plans, and subscriptions with you when you're ready to go. You can export anything at anytime. Your data is also stored in your Stripe account, which is independent of Paycadence. You may disconnect your account and keep using your stripe account independent of us.

Need your credit card data too?

No problem. You may even export your credit card data directly from Stripe. Although they tokenize all cards sent from Paycadence, they also provide a way to export it all should you need access. For more information please see Stripe's website for more information.

Simple Pricing

Only pay when you get paid.
No setup fees.
No monthly or annual fees.
Your transaction fees are refunded when you issue a refund.
We’re flexible. There are no monthly minimum or maximum requirements.
Your only costs are 1% plus Stripe’s low processing fees.

Why Paycadence?

With all the features we offer, the low pricing we offer, and the security we offer through our partnership with Stripe, the real question you should be asking yourself is, “Why not Paycadence?”

Contact us today and let’s get started.