Billing Software for Coworking Facilities

You manage a busy coworking facility. Most of your customers pay you ongoing monthly fees, but you also need to process one time charges for other customers or special circumstances.

Why not let Paycadence help your coworking facility accept payments?

  • Ongoing Monthly Contracts
  • Fixed Price
  • Invoicing
  • Deposits
  • Client Management

Sample Use Case

ATown is a new and rapidly growing Coworking space.

Registration Deposits

ATown recruits several new customers each month. For some memberships ATown requires a deposit from their client in order for them to start using ATown's office space. ATown has a link to their Paycadence registration form on their site to easily accept registration payments.


ATown also offers special services to some of their customers outside of their selected membership. For these customers, ATown uses Payacdence to invoice them when the job is completed.

If it is a new client for ATown, they enter the client's credit card number in a secure and mobile friendly form and then click the pay button. If they are one of ATown's previous clients, their saved card info is already available as a payment option so that they don't have to spend time finding their wallet and retyping their card information. In either case the payment is securely processed by Paycadence via Stripe. The customer then receives an emailed receipt from Paycadence and ATown can see that the invoice is paid and can go ahead and start the client's project.

Payment Plans

Most of ATown's coworking customers are on a monthly membership plan. Plans are completely customizable anywhere from daily to annually and everything in between. ATown can either sign their client up for the plan himself, or create a custom sign up form in Paycadence and send the link to his client for them to sign up on their own. Once their customer is on a payment plan, that customer's payment method will be automatically charged on each of the chosen interval dates. ATown can setup simple retry logic so that failed charge attempts are attempted again later. ATown can also look in their Paycadence account and filter their recurring payments based on status. This will allow them to easily see if any of their clients are behind on required payments.

Special Payment plans

In addition to the popular monthly arrangements, ATown also offers less frequent memberships for some of their customers. ATown offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships and are able to manage all of them through Paycadence. Some of their customers require metered billing as well, which is easily managed from their Paycadence account.

Virtual Terminal

For is person registrations, ATown must collect their registration fee right away. For this they use a USB Card Swiper to run the customer's card while they are in front of them. After they run the card, the info is added directly to the payment form, then they just need to click submit to finalize the payment.

What questions do you have for us?

If you have any questions about how Paycadence can help your organization with online payments, please get in touch today!