Billing Software for Non Profits

Do you operate a Non-Profit Organization? Do you need a way to easily accept online payments? You've came to the right place! Paycadence provides an easy way for Charities to both accept and manage payments online. We don't require a merchant account so you can sign up today and accept your first payment shortly after you've created your account.

Why not give Paycadence a try?

Here are a few of the features we offer to organizations:

  • Recurring Payments
  • Custom Web Payment Forms
  • Donor Management
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Secure Payments
  • Multi User Access

Sample Use Case

The Pet Relocation Program (PRP) is a non profit organization that relocates pets whose owners no longer can take care of them.

Custom Web Forms

PRP uses a wide variety of campaigns to raise the funds which support their mission. Almost every month their team comes up with a creative new way to raise money. PRP uses Paycadence to create a new online payment form for each fundraising drive. At anytime, a member of their team can login to Paycadence and quickly create a new payment form for their desired purpose. They can put a unique message on the form which explains the campaign to potential donors, as well as a custom thank you message once the donor has submitted the form.

The custom forms are hosted on Paycadence and offer a secure way for donors to support PRP's mission. The forms are branded with PRP's logo and offer a variety of payment options, such as:

  • One-time Donations
  • Custom Donation Amounts
  • Donation Options with different Amounts
  • Recurring Donations

Recurring Donations

Some of PRP's supporters are happy to contribute ongoing donations. Using Paycadence allows PRP to offer a wide variety of recurring donation plans. Although monthly donation plans are the most common, they have the ability to offer any type of recurring payment from daily to annually, and everything in between. They have found by offering a wide variety of options, they can offer a suitable donation schedule to fit their donors' individual needs. This has helped to boost their donations considerably.

On Site Donations

Sometimes PRP needs to accept donations on site. Their organization has a small office and sometimes visitors like to make a donation face to face. PRP uses an inexpensive USB Card Swiper in thier office to handle in-person donations. They simply swipe the donor's card, enter an amount, and then click the pay button. A receipt is then emailed to the donor, or they can print it if the donor would like a paper copy before leaving the office.

The office isn't the only location where PRP accepts in-person donations. Each month PRP hosts a fundraising event at a different location. They use the USB Card Swiper to accept donations at these events. This provides them an easy way to meet there supporters and provide a hassle-free donation process.

What questions do you have for us?

If you have any questions about how Paycadence can help your organization with online payments, please get in touch today!