Paycadence is live now!

After over a year of building it, we are excited to announce that Paycadence is now ready for people to start using it to accept online payments!


Paycadence is a web application that allows users to accept various forms of online payment features including:

  • Invoicing – Unlimited Invoices, itemized invoices
  • Recurring Payments / Subscriptions
  • Custom Web Payment Forms – No developer required
  • Virtual Terminal – Swipe cards using a USB card swiper
  • Team Access / Permission Levels

It was created to bring several payment functions together in one place. It is built on top of the Stripe API, which securely processes all transactions.


The pricing for Paycadence is very simple. There are no monthly fees, sign up fees, or charges based on quantity of users or even invoices. Paycadence users only pay 1.0% on top of Stripe’s low transaction fees.


Paycadence is designed to be a simple to use payment solution for small to medium sized organizations, for both businesses and non profit organizations. The company is privately owned and intended to grow at a slow pace in order to best accommodate our customers and keep the focus on best serving them by providing an easy to use payment application.

More Info

To find out more about us visit our Features page or email us at support@paycadence.com